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The First Retreat of The Shelby Center

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Our first retreat was this weekend! We worshiped some, prayed some, studied Scripture quite a bit and ate A LOT! I think we were all a little unsure about what the weekend would hold. The loss of Shelby is still very fresh and we are all struggling from day to day. What we knew though was that this has been established by God Himself and that He would be there with us. I think everyone that attended would say that He was and that we all saw Him work in our lives.

We studied the Sermon on the Mount, which was Jesus' sermon in the Bible in the Book of Matthew, Chapters 5-7. In this Sermon, Jesus gave us an outline of what our lives should be about. We read some and talked a lot and then read more and talked more. We watched some Christian movies that supported our conversations and had many questions answered right out of the Scripture. We also cooked and cleaned together. I taught some of the girls to make homemade gravy on Saturday morning and we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast!

We had some that couldn't be with us all weekend but came in as they could, before or after work. Each one was a blessing to us. Each on had thoughts to offer and memories to share of their relationship with Shelby as we cut The Shelby Center cake on Saturday evening. We ended the weekend by attending worship service together Sunday morning at Cypress Fellowship, where two of the young women were baptized.

There is so much more to come and we feel so blessed to have this opportunity to impact the next generation. Please pray that God would go before us and open the right doors at the right time as we move forward.

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