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Dimes to Make a Difference!


Dimes to Make a Difference

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

As most of you are aware, the boys (Jack and Levi...Shelby's youngest brothers) recently started a dime campaign to collect money for The Shelby Center. It started when they found a dime and decided Shelby had sent it to them from Heaven (remember they are 6 and 8). Well, that campaign is growing (with the help of friends and family) and we have our first donation box in our local Vero's Italian Kitchen (in Cypress...check out the pic in the comments)!! We have a second restaurant that has also agreed let us place a box...I will make that announcement soon!

We envision very soon being able to purchase a comfortable size house in the Tomball area where we will host our retreats, study groups, and offer individual mentoring for the purpose of studying the Word of God. Additionally, we are going to offer support groups for those grieving the loss of family members...especially there aren't many resources out there for them.

We have found a model for the grief support ministry in another city and are working a bit with them to understand their approach and plan to implement something very similar.

Please pray for us. Pray for our family as we work through this and pray for direction...for the location and for the specifics of our next steps.

Oh, and if you happen to have a house you would be willing to donate that is pretty close to town and not in a HOA restricted community, let us know!

Please share this and remember that you can donate online here on our site!!

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